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No. 1 Japan's Skin Whitening
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My 2nd Digital Perm at Korean Salon - Dubai

Since I have chosen big curls on my first perm, the curls looses easily. So when Korean Salon offer their promotion, I grabbed the opportunity to redo my curls.

My hair after 5 months, 1st perm

They gave me a 25% off on my 2nd perm. This time I chose small curls and up to my ears so the curls will lasts longer. I only paid 650 aed without hair color.

Here's is the result of what I want. Even though it's different on my 1st perm, I still love it because it gives more volume. But on the 3rd day after I wash it, I find it hard to manage so I went back to their Salon and my hair stylists showed me how to blow dry my hair.

She also cut some hair at my back so curls are more balance and well-done.

Digital perm at korean salon Dubai

My hair after  5 months, 2nd perm

To all girlsies there who wants to try digital perm I would suggest to find a good salon first with good reputation and magnificent reviews. Searching at the internet, forums and blogs is the best thing that you can do to find answers to your questions and you will fortunately get tips according to their experiences.

For me, Korean does it well because of the product they are using. It is not cheap that's why you will just get what you are paying for. At the end of the day, you will be happy on the result and you won't damage your hair. The number rule you should consider before trying something is.... ASK AROUND!


  1. hows you perm now?does it loose or hard to manage after some time.
    i was actually thinking of doing it also but im not sure

  2. Hi Eyes, my hair now is a bit loose but once I twist it, curls are still there. If you want to your curls will lasts longer, I would suggest to try smaller curls just like what I did on my 2nd perm. So after few months, your hair will look better and better everyday.

  3. Hi Ruth, do you have the number of this salon? I want to get my hair permed by a good one..

    1. Hi Joyz, just visit their website ;)

  4. I was looking for articles on hair salons in dubai and I came across yours inspiring read. Great post!